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Document Translations

User manuals, marketing brochures and much more.  Translation services in any format, any language

Multimedia Translations

Translations for video, eLearning, voice-over, subtitling, or transcriptions

Website Translations

Reach your online audience in their preferred language!

Over-the-phone Interpreting (OPI)

Live on-demand interpreters

available 24/7/365.
Over 100 languages supported!

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

(DTP) Your design work, in any language you need! Our translation services adapt to your preferred platforms.

IT Translations & Software Localization

Software or User Interface (UI), Application (Apps), and technical support – translation services on your preferred platforms

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“We’ve worked with Foreign Translations for several years for the translation of our consumer manuals and sales materials. They’ve done an excellent job. Our sales people and customers have had no complaints with word usage – a problem we had with prior translation companies. We’ve been pleased with turn-around time and pricing. I am happy to recommend Foreign Translations to anyone needing translation services.”

— Laura W., Marketing Services Manager, Kirby

“Foreign Translations has always turned around first-rate work for Garrett in a timely manner. Their pricing is competitive and their follow-through skills are top-notch.”

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“I would like to thank you on behalf of Octoboard and our clients for your work. We appreciate you listening to our feedback and making it easy for our teams to follow the translation process. And of course, a big thank you from our clients – international businesses who appreciate our products translated into their native languages. We would like to be able to use your service and rely on your expertise in the future."

— Lara Russo, Octoboard


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FAQs - Top Translations Questions

What is translation service?

Foreign Translations is a multi-lingual Translations Services provider...

successfully serving hundreds of clients in multiple industries since 1998.

A Translation service is a service provided between two entities to enable communication in two or more languages. Translation Services Providers (TSPs) are individuals or companies that provide one or more related services to get your messages, communications and materials translated from one language to another.

There are many different types of translation services, depending on the source and target content. Always trust your translation services to a professional company that has the experience and knowledge to provide quality, accuracy and adherence to the target locale and context.

For professional, accurate translation services, you should always use a company that performs translations using human, native speakers. Machine Translation (MT) has certainly improved over the years, but accuracy in Translations requires careful consideration of nuance, local considerations, and context.


Translation involves more than converting words from one language to another. It requires professional, native speakers, and it takes years of training, study, and experience.

Why use a Translations company instead of Google Translate?

Translation costs depend on many factors, the top ones being source and target language(s), complexity of the material, need for design considerations in final output, turnaround time and quality expected.
When comparing costs, here are some key questions to ask your potential translations services provider:

- How long have you been in business?
- Can you meet my deadline?
- Do you work in the language set(s) or locales (dialects) I need?
- Will this be localized for the specified region?
- Are there any savings or discounts I qualify for?
- How will my translation be checked for accuracy?

How much does translation cost?

Google Translate continues to be the major online translation tool. While other platforms (most notably Bing Microsoft Translator) has risen in market share, Google Translate still dominates the market. Automated Machine Translations (MT) has certainly improved over the years, however, businesses should NOT rely on MT.

Accuracy in Translations requires careful consideration of nuance, local considerations, and context. Translation involves more than converting words from one language to another. It requires professional, native speakers, and it takes years of training, study, and experience.

What are the best online translators?

We often hear: ‘do I need a translator or interpreter?’ Often used interchangeably, ‘translation‘ and ‘interpreting’ are distinct activities. A translator converts written language into a different language. An interpreter converts spoken language into a different language.  In short, Translators work in written language. Interpreters, in spoken language.

What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

Absolutely. Apart from the obvious proficiency of source and target language(s), Translators also work in a variety of ways to include translation, editing, review, proof-reading, copy-editing, and localization. Another key distinction is to ensure a translator is proficient in the subject matter domain or industry of the content, be it medical, legal, financial, healthcare, or other.

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Are there different kinds of translators?

This depends on many factors, the top two being the source/target languages, and the availability of linguists (translators) in that language pair (i.e. supply and demand). E.g., in the USA, English to Spanish (or vice-versa) linguists are very common and rates would be much lower than say Japanese to English.  That said, linguists’ hourly costs fluctuate based on the experience of the linguist and subject matter domain or industry required, e.g. medical vs. technical vs. financial.

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How much does a translator charge per hour?

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