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We at Foreign Translations take pride in the quality of our language translators. Your translation project, regardless of topic, Medical, Legal, Technical or website localization and in any language your project needs, Spanish, German, Italian, and many more languages, will be completed by translators with a proven track record in language translation and work as full-time professionals in the topic's field. All of our translators meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Our translators possess University degrees, many with Master degrees in fields such as chemistry, physics, engineering or medicine and are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA); they bring this expertise and knowledge of industry-specific terminology to their language translations.
  • Only native speakers of the target language are used for your translation project - for example, only a native French speaker will translate your project into French and only a native English speaker will translate your project into English.
  • Your language translator has been fully screened through various means, including careful review of a CV, verification of at least 10 to 30 years of experience, translation testing and fully qualified reference checks.
  • Our experienced translators usually translate 15,000-20,000 words per week.

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When your project involves current technology or the most up-to-date dialectal usage, we call on one of our more than 3000 worldwide foreign language translators located in the target country to ensure that your foreign translations reflect the proper dialect and maintain the tone of your original.

  • By using only the best foreign language translators on your project, the time needed for editing and proofing is reduced, thereby decreasing the time needed to complete your assignments.
  • You benefit from our strict translation control process, which ensures that your translated document is edited and proofread by a second translator before it is returned to you.
  • With over 25 qualified foreign language translators per language, Foreign Translations, Inc., selects specialized translators only for legal documents, others only for software, others only for equipment/machinery and others only for marketing and advertising material.

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Our over 3000 translator are native, educated, experienced and industry specific.

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