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Our medical translation services are accurate, on-time and within budget. From cutting-edge research to instruction manuals for medical devices, Foreign Translations has over 16 years of experience bringing these medical translations to an eager worldwide audience.

  • Connect your medical information with the rest of the world
  • Present your medical findings to new audiences
  • Increase your market share by introducing new products into different regions
  • Expand globally by translating your clinical trial data, medical equipment manuals, research reports, patient surveys, scientific papers, and patient records

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Types of medical translation services

The expert medical translators at Foreign Translations effectively translate a variety of highly technical medical topics, including:

Patient surveys

Patient surveys are becoming commonplace in most hospitals. Considering that there are a great many foreigners who visit the hospitals in America, patient surveys need to be extended to them as well. Foreign Translations can effectively translate both the surveys and the responses into all languages of the world.

FDA documents

International drug manufacturers need to submit accurate documentation to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if they wish to market their products in the United States.  Foreign Translations can accurately and effectively translate your required FDA documents.

Clinical trials

Today, many clinical trials are being conducted in foreign countries.  These trials then need to be translated into multiple languages in order to ensure thoroughness and accuracy. Foreign Translations can translate clinical trial documents, and for regulatory submissions we provide certifications of translation accuracy.

Other medical ranslation services provided Include:

  • Biostatistics
  • Dentistry
  • Medications and drugs
  • Pathology
  • Physiology
  • Prosthetics
  • Medical Research
  • Toxicology

Some of our satisfied medical clients include Cardinal HealthGreenville Hospital SystemBronx Lebanon HospitalCalifornia Center for Reproductive Health, Cleveland Clinic, Immuno Concepts N.A.Kaiser PermanentePatton SurgicalShands Children’s Hospital, and Kimberly Clark.

This versatility in topics is matched by our diverse formatting and style, as our medical translations can be tailored to fit various industry-specific formats, including those for:

  • Consent forms
  • Doctors' and nurses' manuals
  • Medical equipment manuals
  • Patent documents
  • Patient records and surveys
  • Pharmaceutical labels and contraindications
  • Hospital patent information guides
  • Scientific papers
  • Research papers

We can generate any of the above medical translations as web content or in print form (i.e. manuals, pamphlets, books, etc.).

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Medical translation - How much will it cost?

The cost of your medical translation project depends upon the following criteria:

  • Language combination
  • Number of source or target words
  • Length of the document
  • Format of the document
  • Time in which it must be completed

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Medical financial translation accuracy

With medical translations, accuracy is vital, as medicine labels, treatment procedures, and other medical data must be perfectly translated to save people's lives. To ensure that each medical translation is accurate and accessible, we interview each of our clients to find out the specific topic, intent, and audience of a particular translation.

As such, we match each project with a professional translator who is a:

  • Native speaker of the language into which you are translating your documents.This guarantees that your medical translation incorporates the most appropriate word choices so that precise meaning is conveyed
  • Medical expert in the specific medical topic relevant to the translation. Whether you need a surgeon, a biochemist, or another medical expert, we will pair your project with the exact type of experienced professional you need to accurately translate your documents

Confidentiality guaranteed

Paramount with accuracy is confidentiality. At Foreign Translations, we greatly respect our clients' privacy and guarantee that we will provide you with complete confidentiality throughout our medical translation process. None of your information will ever be shared with anyone except your medical translator, and all of our translators are bound by comprehensive confidentiality agreements.

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Founded in 1998, Foreign Translations ( is a foreign language translation, interpreting, and website localization firm with offices in Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC. With more than 3,000 native translators located in over 30 countries, we translate documents ranging from 1,000 words to over several million words in all the major languages of the world.

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