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Subtitling Translation Services - why it's important to your business

Subtitles are not just for tv and movies!

First, what are subtitles (sub-titles?). Simply put, subtitles are the derived text that matches the content shown in other media such as movies, videos and the like, including video content use for advertising. We say "derived" because it does not always have to match word-for-word with the displayed or spoken content, as long as the audience/user accurately gets the content being shared.

Add a subtitle: "Boy holding soccer ball" - as simple as that!

Providing subtitles is an excellent advantage for business owners looking to expand their reach. Whether you’re hosting a webinar or conference call with international customers, subtitling your content will allow your customers to understand what’s being said without having to speak the language themselves.

Key reasons to use subtitles in your business

1. Easier for international audiences to understand your messaging

2. You can "translate" your company culture to target audiences

3. Expansion Possibilities 4. Strong Online Presence

5. Better Conversion Rate, helps with SEO rankings

6. Makes it more accessible to users with disabilities

7. It can be fun! (Karaoke anyone?)

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