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Dari Translation

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Our Dari translation services provide you with the most precise and timely Dari translations to aid in your success and profitability. Foreign Translations’ Dari translations are always accurate, on-time and within budget.

Performing proper Dari translations is far more involved than simply replacing words. To provide you with the best possible Dari translation, Foreign Translations, Inc. makes sure that your message is conveyed with the proper meaning, in the most appropriate tone, and is on-time and within budget.

Attention U.S. Government Staff and Agencies

GSA Contract HolderForeign Translations, Inc. currently holds a General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the Federal Government (Contract # - GS-10F-0332R) under the Languages Services Schedule – 738-II.

Some of our current Government clients include: United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Department of Transportation, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of the Treasury, United States Army Corps of Engineers, and many more. To learn more about our services, please view our Government Translations page.

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Types of Dari Translation Services We Provide

Dari language translation services are increasing in many areas of industry, including technical/manufacturing, legalmarketingfinancial services and website translations. Federal and local governmental agencies also require Dari translation services.

Foreign Translations has translators that specialize in almost any industry:

Technical/Manufacturing - Global companies sell their products to consumers in many countries around the world. Their product manuals, installation and user guides need to be effectively translated for those markets in order to insure the proper use, safety and maintenance.  
Some of our technical/manufacturing clients include Techtronic Industries, Fuji, Carrier Corporation, Cryovac Sealed Air, Milwaukee Electric Tool Company and many more.
Legal – Whether your legal translation involves class action or immigration documents, patents, contracts, or anything in between, our more than thirteen years of legal translation experience ensures that you will receive accurate, affordable and on-time legal translations within a completely confidential environment.
Some of our legal clients include Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal LLP, Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP, ePrize, Howrey, LLP, Reed Smith, LLP., and more.
Marketing and Advertising - With many years of marketing translation experience, Foreign Translations, Inc. fulfills a variety of marketing needs. Some of the different types of marketing translations we offer include brochure translations, catalog/manual translations and the translation of packaging materials.
Foreign Translations, Inc. has successfully translated marketing materials for such companies as Sunbeam/Jarden, L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, KirbyGuardian Building Products and many other marketing and advertising companies.
Medical – The expert medical translators at Foreign Translations, Inc. effectively translate a variety of highly technical medical topics, including patient surveys, FDA document translations, clinical trial translations and medical research.
Some of our satisfied medical clients include Cardinal Health, Greenville Hospital System, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and others.
Websites - A website is sometimes the first type of information translated by a company that wants to expand into foreign markets.  In order to effectively evaluate a company’s product and service offerings, foreign visitors must view website content in their native language. This includes the text, keywords, graphics and whitepapers.
Foreign Translations, Inc. has translated many  websites for companies such as Johnson Controls (Varta Automotive)Kirby Vacuums and Draka Elevator Products.
Financial - Whether your financial translation involves financial statements, insurance claims, shareholders' reports, mortgage applications or investor research, our more than thirteen years of financial translation experience ensures that you will receive accurate, affordable and on-time financial translations within a completely confidential environment.
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English to Dari Translation

One of Foreign Translations’ primary goals is to ensure that your Dari translation is precise, appropriate and accurate. This means that our experienced, native Dari translators will take into account:

  • The proper tone for your Dari translation: The appropriate tone (i.e. serious, playful, dramatic, etc.) will depend on the topic of your Dari translation. For example, Foreign Translations, Inc. maintains the tone to make it specifically appropriate for serious medical documents, playful advertisements, light-hearted children's books, etc
  • Your target audience: Foreign Translations, Inc. will uniquely tailor the words, mood and presentation of the Dari translation to effectively appeal to your intended audience. To this end, Foreign Translations, Inc. helps you engage the attention of Internet browsers, businessmen, school children and anyone in between
  • In short your translations will be accurate, on-time and within budget

English to Dari or Dari to English Translations

Obtaining the perfect English to Dari translations or Dari to English translations involves utilizing native, industry-specific, educated and experienced Dari translators. Professional Dari translators do more than merely substitute vocabulary; they supplement the translation by incorporating local nuances of the language.

  • All English to Dari translations are performed only by native, experienced Dari translators
  • All Dari to English translations are performed only by native, experienced English translators

Types of Dari Translation Services We Provide

Foreign Translations, Inc. services all major industries including:

Dari Translation Services: Cost and Quotes

  • When you request English to Dari translations, pricing is based upon the total number of source (English) words
  • Your completed English to Dari translations will normally remain on par in the word count with the original English
  • When you request Dari to English translations, your price is based upon the total number of target (English) words
  • Your completed Dari to English translations will expand by roughly 20% from the original Dari word counts

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