Foreign Translations is business focused and technology enabled.

Our team is deliberately dispersed across the globe and leverages proprietary methodology, industry-leading processes, and cutting-edge technology to service you -  our esteemed client.

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About our Technology

Like most industries, technology has really changed the way we do business. Here is a snapshot of how we utilize technology to drive efficiencies and pass along savings to our customers.

Computer-assisted Technology (CAT) Tools – these leverage and build memories and client glossaries/terms. This means an ever-growing database of terms to drive reuse and lower costs. We utilize the SDL Trados suite of tools - an undisputed industry leader - to perform these tasks as well as integrate with our workflow platform (discussed below).

Workflow Automation:  In early 2015, Foreign Translations invested in another industry leading tool to manage our workflow.  We utilize XTRF, a workflow platform which not only integrates with our CAT tools, but also seamlessly moves jobs from start to finish.  We also provide clients a simple web page (portal) where they can view the jobs, job history and more - anytime!

Cloud-based solutions: All of our technology systems are cloud-based and hosted with industry leading providers.  This means we (and you!) never have to worry about backups, managing servers and other "back office" technical complexities.

Why use Foreign Translations?

Everyone talks about quality and service.  For us these are more than words - they are part of our Core Values and driving principles.

We recognize that Translations can be a daunting and confusing industry.  We are experts in removing the confusion and taking one more worry off your mind.  When you partner with us, we ensure quality and accuracy from start to finish.

Here are some of the top reasons to partner with us:

  • Pricing: very competitive industry-rates
  • Fast: we have a great track record of fast turnaround times
  • Diverse & Distributed: Diverse group of experts located strategically throughout the globe. All linguists are native-speakers who have either native or near-native proficiency in the source language.  Each member is screened, qualified, and have signed NDA and confidentiality agreements
  • Quality: Our core service provides translation and editing services utilizing no less than two qualified linguists on all assignments.  This is part of our strategic and well-documented quality control process
  • Flexible: We are flexible and often can customize our processes to fit the needs of the client
  • Tech-driven: we leverage state-of-the-art technology in our translation software and platforms as well as our workflow and project management platfom.
  • Trust: Our mission is to remain innovative and become our client’s trusted partner for global communications.

Our translators, proof-readers, linguists and copy editors have many years’ experience in the industry and a demonstrated expertise in the subject matter. Team members are typically either ATA (American Translator Association) members or members of the equivalent association in his or her native country. Many of our team members have been partners with us for many years.

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