Fun Spanish fact:

Spanish is the World's second most spoken language behind only Chinese.

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Industries or Market Sectors Served:

  • Advertising, Marketing Translations
  • Health and Medical Translations
  • Software Translations
  • Multimedia Translations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Technical Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Professional Translations
  • Manufacturing Translations

Spanish Translation Services

Foreign Translations offers a full suite of Spanish Translation Services to best meet our clients’ unique needs. From website localization, document translation, multi-media transcription and voice-over, and telephonic interpreting, our professional teams are fully equipped to deliver accurate, time-sensitive deliveries that effectively communicate to your target audience.

Our teams are strategically located throughout North and South America as well as Europe to allow us to service your diverse customers. We combine highly competent linguists with state-of-the-art translation technology and a robust project management and design suite to service your translations with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.

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Is there a specific industry in which you need tailored support? We provide tailored translation services in the following industries:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Health Sciences
  • Legal and Professional Services
  • Government and Non-profit

Why is Spanish translation important to me?

Spanish is a Romance Language that originated in Spain and is spoken as a primary or secondary language by over 420 million people worldwide. In fact, it is the second most-spoken language behind only Chinese.

The U.S. boasts over 37 million native speakers, and Spanish is by far the most spoken non-English language. Not only are there more native Spanish speakers in the U.S. than in Spain, but the U.S. also is home to the second largest group of native speakers in the world (second only to Mexico).

What should you expect from a language service provider?

Foreign Translations offers professional translation services in over 100 languages including:

  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean