Quality is something that is extremely important to us here at Foreign Translations.

We emphasize quality in everything we do - from intitial contact thru project completion... and beyond!

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... the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.

Focus on Quality and Standards

We introduce quality into our work using a variety of methods and quality control points, including but not limited to:

Human Quality Assurance (QA):
We use human linguists to translate materials, and use a second independent (linguist) reviewer to review the work. Finally, we have a project manager perform QA on every project before it is delivered to our client.

Accuracy of emails, quotes and invoices, and other communications
 - Standards for data interchange: xml based file formats that are industry standards
 - Provide deliverables in file formats requested or required by you, our client

Translation Tools and Platform:

Our translation technology tools (translation databases, CAT tool etc.) are industry leading and conform to industry standards such as:
 - ISO 9000/9001
 - EN 15038

Our internal processes adhere to workflow best practices and is managed by our Six-Sigma Certified Quality Manager.
 - Six Sigma

images of quality standards