We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and way of doing business. 

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Foreign Translations is equipped to work with any translation memory tool (CAT Tool).

Our de-facto process utilizes SDL (Trados Studio, MultiTerm, etc.) as our primary platform for applying, maintaining, and updating translation memories (TM).  SDL is one of the leading translation technology software providers in the world.

We are an SDL Partner: see our SDL Partner page for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can Foreign Translations deliver quality translations in all our desired source and target languages? 
   Yes. We can confidently support all the major languages of the world as well as many unique languages.  Our distributed team of translation professionals means we're able to scale and be efficient for our clients.
Question: How do you manage workflows? How will this benefit me (the client)?
   We utilize an industry leading workflow platform which is specifically engineered for the translations industry.  This allows us efficiencies and workflows that many competitors do not have.  We provide a client web portal which allows you to see what is going on with your project 24/7.  You will have a dedicated project manager who will work with you to guide you every step of the way if needed.
Question: Will we (the client) maintain ownership of its translation memories?
   The translation memory shall remain the property of the client and a copy of it may be requested at any time or for any reason. We usually ask for a 3-business-day turnaround to extract old or aged TMs.
Question: How must the (web) content be provided to you (what software)?
   We can work with any format provided. Common industry formats make it easier to work with and we pass on the savings to our client.  Common formats are files such as Word documents, Excel documents, HTML/XML files etc. If you have any doubt, please contact us!
Question: Is translation memory applied only within the same document or is it stored in a word bank and utilized on all future documents?
   We analyze each new request against all previously created Translation Memories (TMs). Your project manager will work with you to ensure we maximize any reuse benefit.  There are some file formats (e.g. embedded tables with no context) that are less conducive to the maximization of the value of reuse/TM’s. 
Question: What are your prices/costs for translations?
   The answer is of course, "it varies" :)  We recommend you read our Pricing page and contact us with any specific questions.  We are always willing to work with a client to tailor pricing packages, especially for medium and large-size jobs.
Question: Can Foreign Translations deliver Glossary Management services?
   Absolutely!  We can expertly handle the creation and maintenance of client-specific term glossaries for each language pair, and make them easily accessible both to the client and the entire translation team.  Our linguists leverage the latest SDL MultiTerm technology to update and maintain the glossaries. Glossaries can be exported and easily provided to the client.
Question: How are words/phrases applied to translations (describe full match, fuzzy match, etc.)? 
   Foreign Translations provides three (3) Translation Memory Rates: Repetition (Rep) matches, Fuzzy Matches, and New Matches.
Rep Matches: Refers to segment matches that require the least amount of translation effort. These matches result in minimal translation however, they still need to be reviewed and proofread.
Fuzzy Matches: Refers to segment matches performed by algorithms that retrieve similar segments, which are presented to the translator with differences flagged.
New Matches: Refers to segments that do not have a reliable match and that need to be translated, edited, and proofread. 
Question: Does Foreign Translations provide voice-over services?
   Yes. we offer voice-over recordings, dubbing, and subtitling services on all major audio/video platforms.
Voice-over projects are affected by multiple cost drivers. Because there are various ways to complete an assignment, voice-over projects are estimated on a case-by-base basis. Please refer to our Services page for more information on voice-overs.
Question: How do you handle changes to a project?

   We recognize our client’s business needs at times dictate changes to existing projects. We have a proven Change Control Process (CCP) which we utilize to accomodate changes with minimal impact.   The CCP exists to enable the flexibility to make changes while retaining the necessary rigor to produce a high quality outcome.

This process is initiated when a scope change is communicated to us.  Our Project Manager works with the client to gauge impacts to timeline and cost and adjusts the workflow as needed towards a suitable and successful delivery for all.